The WANTcast, Episode 013: On Being Who You Truly Are with Jay Pryor

The WANTcast, Episode 013: On Being Who You Truly Are with Jay Pryor

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Jay Pryor is a true force of nature: a life coach, speaker, corporate trainer, and author who inspires people to harness their power to create the lives of their dreams.

He works exclusively with women, and among other reasons, has a great reason why:

He used to be one.

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Jay was born as a female and transitioned to male in 2001 when he was in his 30s. I knew I needed Jay on the WANTcast the second I heard him speak on personal power, how women hold themselves back, etc – but when I heard his story and mission, I knew I needed to lock it down ASAP. He’s THAT powerful.

You (hopefully) know I don’t play favorites, as I am constantly in awe of the guests on the WANTcast – but honestly, I’ve been telling everyone I know that this podcast is coming up, even the people who don’t normally listen to podcasts – that’s how important I think this episode is.


In this episode we talk in detail about Jay’s experience transitioning, his reality show stint, and having a need to do more to help a cause without even knowing what that help looks like. We also talk about why Jay chooses to work specifically with women, being “hijacked” and how to get your brain back on track, the huge things holding women back, and so, so much more.

There’s a lot of talk about LGBTQ rights and gender equality right now in our culture. And as Jay and I discuss, no matter how tense the conversation can get sometimes, it’s ultimately that exact tension that will bring about true, lasting change in the long run. This deep conversation with Jay isn’t just about the trans community or gay community – it’s about how each and every one of us can move forward fearlessly into the person we truly are.

This episode took me a while to edit, and not because I edited a lot of it. Just the opposite actually – I barely edited anything. But I found myself transfixed by it and having to go back because I wasn’t in editor mode I was in listener mode. That’s how good Jay is. Get ready, because you’re going to want to listen a few times to soak in all the goodness he has to offer – both to us and to the world.


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Show Notes:
Lean Inside
It Gets Better Project
Jay on Dance Moms
I Am Cait segment
Laverne Cox
Stone Butch Blues

North Carolina restroom laws
Kroger being awesome
Daniel Golman’s Emotional Intelligence

Being Boss podcast w/ Jay
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All Men Are Jerks And Other Lies: Why D-wads Need To Stop Giving Good Guys A Bad Rap

All Men Are Jerks And Other Lies: Why D-wads Need To Stop Giving Good Guys A Bad Rap

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There’s this man who used to come to my classes when I taught at different studios (where I no longer teach) who I run into at the gym every so often. I worked out this afternoon and went to get a coffee. This man happens to be behind me in line, totally fine. I go and wait for my coffee, he comes over to talk to me. Whatever. But the thing is, half the time he was talking to me, half the time he was talking to my chest. He kept talking, kept stepping in closer, kept glancing down. It got so obvious and uncomfortable that I crossed my arms and held my freaking clutch purse over my top 1/3 to literally create a shield from his darting eyes.

I go to the same place every workday to get lunch. The floor staff around the produce and smoothie area is mostly male, and I’ve gotten so much kindness from them I can’t even count the instances. They’ve even cracked jokes with me when we both witness something absurd (and that happens a lot). But there is this one “bro” who on multiple occasions has given me the look-over or even muttered a “Daaaamn” as I walked away from him (although – or maybe because – he knows I’m in earshot). While he is on the job. I love this place and I will not stop going – but I will also not stop zipping through the salad bar area making no eye contact, ice queen demeanour’d, until this guy either quits his ogling, or the kind, humanly treatment by others makes me feel safe to walk through without anticipating that anger will get the better of me when I hear his leers.

I heard a couple of grocery store men talking about me one day in Spanish while organizing carts. This was in the San Fernando Valley, in the summer, so naturally I was wearing a tank top and denim shorts so that I would not die of heat exhaustion. Now, I don’t speak Spanish well (at all), but I can understand. I later called up the store manager and let him know that his employees, while I did not want to get them fired, were acting completely out of line. To this day I still zip through grocery stores unless there have been established acts of genuine kindness and human treatment to make me believe otherwise. These guys are not only souring their own reputation, they’re making it worse for every great guy out there – and believe you me, there are a lot.

I sometimes wonder if men realize that it is more risky to say “don’t say that/don’t look at me like that” than to just put on a “bitch face” or pretend to ignore them. Continue reading