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    about want.

    why women against negative talk matters.

Women Against Negative Talk – or WANT – aims to give women tools, resources, insight, and inspiration to shift their negative self-talk patterns and move forward into an empowered, self-actualized life that’s all their own.

Negative talk and self criticism are just placeholders for imbalance and uncertainty – the trick is to find the kind of certainty that’s unwavering, and the type of balance that works for you.

WANT redefines what it means to want your body, your work, your love, your community –
what it means to want your self.

WANT was first conceived in November of 2007. Self image issues amongst women were just starting to push their way to the front of the line in the trending conversations going on in print, visual, and digital media at the time. What was once a taboo topic was now gaining a little traction – only a little, but traction nonetheless.

After trial, error, and years of stewing (the think-y kind, not the soup-y kind) WANT came to life when it was realized that there were zero outlets that not only gave women the inspirational yet authentically human role models and real-life examples they were starved for – but actual pragmatic, positive tools and resources to shift their harmful talk patterns and perspectives into ones that could allow them to be those inspirational and authentically human role models for themselves.

Trending positive affirmations like “Speak positively about yourself,” “Choose to be happy,” or “Love the body you’re in” are nice and a step in the right direction, but WANT was created out of the realization that there needs to be more.

Positive phrases won’t cut it in the long run without a solid framework for how to make them work on a personal and individualized basis.

WANT recognizes the effects of negative self-talk, internal and external, on the mind, on the body, in the workplace, in the world.

It’s a place to move forward fearlessly into the person you are meant to be by shifting both big and small things – everything from the way you approach self-care and identify the things you stand for, to the way you think about and use exercise, food, even your day job.

There are no barriers and no fluff when it comes to WANT – only the ones you decide to put up for yourself. WANT does not advocate one specific lifestyle or approach – it’s all inclusive, open to interpretation and personalization.

WANT is that pragmatically positive tool kit, that courageously human hub, that place that takes the idea of “empowerment” to a whole new level – that missing piece we’ve so needed to make magic happen on our own terms.


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