The work of shifting your self-talk – which is really the work of finding, being, and staying your Self – isn’t just about changing your life, in the long run. It’s about changing life. Period.

We believe that shifting your self-talk is about facing your shame, guilt, doubt, fear, frustration, and blind spots head-on and being proactive, not reactive. WANT believes in using critical thinking skills to listen, learn, and act even (especially!) when the stakes are high and you might screw up. Because as Maya Angelou said, when you know better, you do better…but if you aren’t putting yourself in a position to know better, you will never, ever do better.

We believe that shifting your self-talk is about finding, using, and owning your own voice whether people are watching or not, so that when you get feedback from the world, you’re able to grow, learn, and be better in a way that’s sustainable.

Society would love for you to keep telling yourself the story of your shame, your guilt, your self-doubt and your defeat. Society would love for you to stay silent and small. It would love to keep steering you far from who you are and discouraging your growth.

But we believe that the world needs your voice, and the world needs your growth.

It all stems from the story you tell yourself, about your Self.

WANT focuses on shifting your internal narrative by fully embracing the SELF part of self-talk. Will shifting your self-talk alone change the world? Of course not. But WANT believes we must treat it like the vital puzzle piece of change that it is. We must practice using our voice so that when the chance comes to make a change, we speak up and out instead of shying away. And because what we say on the outside is a direct reflection of what we say on the inside – we must practice diving in, digging deep, and changing our internal AND external world simultaneously.

Shifting your self-talk is an essential piece of fighting for the world you actually want to live in, for yourself and for others.

Confidence is not synonymous with vanity. Power is not synonymous with pettiness.

To be fearless is not to lack fear – it’s when the fear is less than the faith.

To WANT yourself isn’t about fighting against what you’re not – it’s about fighting for what you’ve always been meant to be.


We believe that integrity is when your intention aligns with your impact. We strive for integrity in all we create, and for what we say, what we mean, what we do, and how we respond to match up.

We believe that two truths exist at once: we’re all unique individuals, and we’re all more alike than we realize. We strive to connect you with deeper parts of yourself — and with the world around you.

We believe curiosity can change the world. That means asking more questions instead of prescribing more “answers.” We aim to help you get curious about yourself and the world around you so that you can build a self-talk toolkit that’s uniquely yours and yours alone.

We believe in real, lasting shifts, not just feel-good phrases. We strive to provide tools, motivation, and inspiration that actually work for you — which also means, to us, that you feel empowered to take then into your own hands and your own life beyond when interacting with WANT.

A note about engaging on this platform: We aim to serve a wide range of ages, body shapes, races, identities, religions, and abilities. We take a firm stance on being an anti-racist, body-inclusive space online and off. Because of this, we will not tolerate any forms of racism, sizeism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, ableism, or any form of harassment on WANT — which includes but is not limited to our comments, our community forum, our events, and social media. We reserve the right to delete, ban, and/or report any comments of this nature,