WANTcast 072: Acting Training is Human Training with Fay Simpson of The Lucid Body

WANTcast 072: Acting Training is Human Training with Fay Simpson of The Lucid Body

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Fay Simpson is a celebrated and visionary artistic director, acting teacher, and the founder of The Lucid Body. Informed by her 20-year career in dance and theatre, Fay created The Lucid Body as a process of introspection, exertion, and mental challenge which empowers actors to express their fullest potential. She conducts private classes and training workshops for other teachers at her Manhattan studio, The Lucid Body House. She is currently writing the 2nd edition of her book The Lucid Body; A Guide for the Physical Actor which has been hailed as “one of the ten most essential books for the actor.”

An award-winning performer and writer, Fay is currently an Associate Arts Professor in the NYU Tisch Graduate Acting Program, Fay has taught at The Yale School of Drama, The New School, Michael Howard Studios, The Studio/NY, Marymount Manhattan College, and the Actor’s Center. She is also the Artistic Director of the not-for-profit Impact Theatre, which she co-founded in 1990 as a collective of physical theatre artists devising work with a social bite.

IN THIS EPISODE, we talk about how Fay’s method, The Lucid Body, is really human training disguised as acting training, developing compassion in the face of turmoil and trauma, the “shadow” and working with it, how chakras apply to everyone (actors and otherwise!) way more practically than their woo-woo associations imply, how to forgive and develop compassion and why it’s essential, and SO MUCH MORE. Maybe you’ve heard about these things before…but I bet you’ve never heard about them like this.


Show notes:


The Lucid Body

Buy the book

Impact Theatre

Monthly performance salons

Drop-in classes in NYC

Online intro class

Three-week The Lucid Body intensive in Bali (co-led by Fay)


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