The WANTcast, Episode 010: On Letting Go Of The Life Weight with Jessica Murnane

Hold the phone. Stop the presses. We are, officially, IN THE DOUBLE DIGITS. When you’re creating one new pod every three weeks, getting to double digits feels like forever – so, to me, this is a huge deal (we’re heading towards the 6-month mark!).

Especially because of this one little not-so-secret: I was scared out of my mind to start this podcast. I had a smidge of sound editing experience under my belt, had NO clue how to record with someone over Skype, and forget about even getting the tech stuff up and running. This podcast has taught me to be ballsy and just make things happen – because once you’re ballsy a few times in a row, it starts to get easier and easier.

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I will say, it’s a lot easier to be ballsy when you’ve got people in your corner. And today’s guest is a super special one, because she has been in WANT’s corner since literally the very first email conversation we had (she was actually the person who told me, “You HAVE TO START A PODCAST” and never let me forget she was waiting for it). She’s now become a dear friend of mine, a woman I admire endlessly – and, well, you probably already listen to her podcast religiously.

Jessica Murnane is the wellness Wonder Woman behind, host of the wildly popular One Part Podcast, and, the MOST exciting, author of a soon-to-be released full-on plant-based cookbook with Harper-Wave in 2017!

If Jessica looks familiar, it might be because she’s been on WANT before. After being diagnosed with Endometriosis and receiving a pretty crazy ultimatum from her doctors, Jessica decided to try overhauling her diet to see if she could heal herself naturally. Fast forward to today, and Jessica now has zero of those debilitating endometriosis symptoms and follows a full-on plant based diet.

In this episode we talk about the HUGE thing on Jessica’s mind lately, something I don’t think we talk about nearly enough in our culture if even at all: letting go of the past and what that actually looks and feels like in the body. We also talk endo, mendo (yup), listening fiercely to your body, and Jessica’s refreshingly honest take on motherhood. (This episode also contains a little bit of quasi-gangsta-rap-language, so if you’re sensitive to that, you’ll be getting fair warning beforehand.)

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Are you ready for this? I am. On with the show!


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Show Notes:
One Part Podcast
Jessica on WANT (“Positivity is…”)

Snapchat: @JessicaMurnane
Endo in men
0 to 100/The Catch Up – Drake
On Never Wanting To Be Pregnant (from
Jessica’s octopus plates
And just for fun: Watch Drake Perform At A Bat Mitzvah
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10th Episode Giveaway!


WIN WANT SWAG! So, did you notice those rad little WANT tote bags we had at the WANTiversary party the other weekTo celebrate the 10th WANTcast, I’m giving away a WANT tote bag (first edition, y’all), plus some of the awesome swag it was filled with at the party to two lucky WANT Women!

To enter, sign up for the WANT newsletter here, then leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite guest, topic, or takeaway from the first ten episodes of the WANTcast. Extra entries if you follow @katiehorwitch and @jessicamurnane on Instagram – just let me know you did in your comment.

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Two lucky winners will be chosen at random this Sunday, February 27th at 9pm PST. Crossing my fingers for you!

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  1. Teea Shook

    This has been my favorite episode so far. I love Jessica Murnane. I found WANT through her podcast. You are both are doing great things and (ofcoarse) I follow both of you on Instagram.

    • Katie

      Thank you so much, Teea! That means so much. Love that you found WANT through OPP. It’s my all time fave, so was such a pleasure to have Jess on the WANTcast 🙂

    • Jessica

      Thank you Teea!!! I love you too.

  2. Melissa

    This episode is one of my favorites too – also Lynn Chen a few months back! But I really love them ALL. Following you both and signed up for the newsletter!

    • Katie

      Love that you’re loving them, Melissa!

    • Jessica

      Melissa, thanks so much for listening! I love Lynn Chen too. So cool to get to be inspired by so many women…that Katie brings so awesomely together.

  3. Emily winters

    I’ve been listening to One Part Podcast since Jessica started it and I have always loved how inspiring everyone she interviews is. When she said you were starting WANT I was so excited to check you out and haven’t been let down. So happy Jessica pushed you to start a podcast! My favorites (can’t pick one :)) are Jacki Carr, Jessica Murnane, and Danielle Bernstein!

    Thank you both for being such inspiring, strong women! I of course follow you both on Instagram already.

  4. Laura

    Thank you so much for this episode. I’ve been listening to Jessica’s podcast for a while (actually found her through WANT last year), so it was a pleasure to hear her bravely share so much of herself. I think one of my favorite takeaways (hard to choose!) was after listening to the first WANTcast with Delia, about living in the moment and striving for the things that make you feel your best.

  5. Em

    I’m so glad you started a podcast! Every time a new episode pops up on my phone, it’s like Christmas 🙂 Seriously loved this episode – your guests are always so strong, relatable, and inspirational, and Jessica was no exception. It’s amazing to have so many amazing women to look up to via WANT and your podcast! Following on IG, too! xoxoxoxo

  6. Katie

    Huge congrats to Emily Winters and Laura! Keep your eyes peeled for an email and enjoy your goodies 🙂

  7. Shannon

    This was such a great episode! Thank you so much to you and Jessica for sharing all of these personal stories with us!

  8. krystal

    The boob/heart-hands struggle is real. I joined Curvy Yoga (they have an online class/video membership) a little over a month ago and it is fantastic. It’s body positive yoga and is all about kindness to your body and making modifications that work for you (and are safer and more productive). Anna Guest-Jelly owns Curvy Yoga and is AMAZING – highly recommend.

  9. Susie

    I’m so happy that personal and real life stories are shared/spread about Endometriosis. I loved your podcast, this will help a lot of women. It was very inspiring! Greetings from Italy!

    • Katie

      Couldn’t agree more, Susie. And I’m so happy you loved this episode. Jessica was a superstar 🙂 Hello to Italy from Los Angeles!



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