169: Motivation, Flexibility, and RETHINKING Your Relationship With FITNESS with Amanda Katz

The best fitness advice isn’t necessarily what you think it is. In a sea of tips, tricks, and programs telling you what to do, how do you figure out what’s right for you, and maybe more tricky — how do you build a sustainably healthy relationship with exercise? Especially if you’re someone who has a history with eating disorders or body image issues?

Today’s guest, NYC fitness professional Amanda Katz, is here to talk about:

• Why motivation and even discipline are smaller pieces of the puzzle than we realize, and what to focus on instead to create lasting habits
• Specific examples of what flexibility in an exercise routine can look like
• Having a healthy relationship with fitness after struggling with eating disorders, disordered patters, or body image 
• How to approach fitness and training goals no matter who you are
• How to help a loved one when you’re worried they’re going down a harmful path of disordered behaviors
• Combatting NEW YEAR NEW YOU toxic fitness culture messaging in January (and beyond)
• and more!

Amanda Katz is a full-time fitness professional. She’s a certified personal trainer, RRCA certified run coach and serves as a group fitness instructor specializing in indoor cycling, treadmill running and total body conditioning formats at Equinox in New York City. Her philosophy is based on the notion that all bodies deserve a fitness experience without punishment, guilt or shame. She approaches her craft with humor, real talk and ultimately, wants her clients to feel stronger and confident in their bodies through movement. To learn more, visit Amanda on Instagram at @amanda_katzz or amandaskatz.com


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