161: From Burnt Out To Lit Up with Amanda Baudier + Rebecca Stump of Full Plate Full Cup

You’ve probably heard (or used) the term “burnout” before…but what’s actually going on when you’re burnt out, and how can you turn it around? Or maybe even prevent it from happening in the first place? Do you need to hit certain marks for it to qualify as “burnout” vs. general blah-ness? Why are we all so spent??? 

Today’s guests are Amanda Baudier and Rebecca Stump, the co-founders of Full Plate Full Cup, an educational platform and boutique consultancy on a mission to help individuals and teams become wildly happy — and wildly successful. They bring over 35 years of combined leadership experience and numerous wellness certifications to all they do, from coaching executives 1:1 to hosting their podcast, also titled, Full Plate Full Cup.


  • how to recognize burnout in a really easy-to-understand way
  • why more on your plate doesn’t necessarily equal more burnout (and less equal less)
  • how to set ruthless boundaries (including friendship boundaries) 
  • how to distinguish between what is necessary and what you can let go of
  • how to start to go from burnt out to lit up

And more!


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