157: Do You ACTUALLY Love It, Or Do You Just Love Being GOOD At It?

If you only derive joy and purpose from the things you do well — a job, an activity, a relationship — can you really say the joy and purpose is coming from those things?

In this episode, we’re talking all about how to determine what you love and why you love it — and why that’s so important to get clear on NOW:

  • How to make decisions now to avoid bitterness and resentment later down the line
  • “Strengthening your weaknesses” vs. “making your weaknesses your strengths”
  • Why Katie is opting into doing things right now without the intention of “excellence” 
  • The difference between loving something, loving having done something, and loving having done something WELL
  • Why we actually stick with the things we’re good at, even if they don’t bring us a sense of fulfillment
  • and more!


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