152: The (18!) Modern Love Languages with Anne Hodder-Shipp

Maybe you’ve heard about the Five Love Languages, but maybe they’ve at times felt…kind of limiting? Confusing? Problematic, even? 

There’s a reason for that, and you’re not alone. That’s why Anne Hodder-Shipp decided to reimagine some things: 

  • What “The Modern Love Languages” are and how they’re different than what we might already be familiar with (it’s not just that there are 18 of them!)
  • How you can apply The Modern Love Languages in your life way beyond your romantic relationships
  • Whether or not it’s important to find people whose love languages “match” your own
  • The origins of the “original” Five Love Languages and why they might be more harmful than helpful
  • Taking sex and relationship education onto social media in the 2020s
  • …and more!


Anne Hodder-Shipp, CSE, ACS, (she/they) is an award-winning certified sex and relationship educator dedicated to providing accurate, expansive, and compassionate care. They are the founder and lead educator at Everyone Deserves Sex Ed, a sex ed and professional development organization, and they work with people and couples of almost any age to help build skills, knowledge, and confidence around identity, pleasure, relationships, and communication.

Most recently, Anne wrote the groundbreaking expansive love language ebook, Speaking from the Heart: 18 Languages for Modern Love, and its accompanying guide, The Speaking from the Heart Workbook: A Practical Guide to the Modern Love Languages.



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