149: How To Free Yourself From The SHOULDs with Tricia Huffman

Know what you want but struggle to untangle yourself from the feelings of obligation that somehow always seem to get in the way?

Tricia Huffman believes that “should” is a word that is actually able to be nixed from our vocabulary altogether and replaced with something way more powerful and proactive.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why and how Tricia decided to pay attention to this ONE word on such a granular level
  • How to handle the “positive shoulds” and why Tricia believes there’s really no such SHOULD
  • Suggestions for how to nix SHOULD from the heaviest of situations to the lightest
  • The importance of boiling down your message, and how that opened up even more possibility for Tricia as she approached her debut book
  • and more!


Tricia on the WANTcast in 2018!


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F The Shoulds. Do The Wants.

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