143: Getting Your Dreams Going, Finding Your People, and Enjoying The Process with Kara Cutruzzula

Today’s guest is Kara Cutruzzula: a writer and editor, a playwright, a musical theater lyricist, and the author of both DO IT FOR YOURSELF and DO IT TODAY: An Encouragement Journal. Her long-running must-read newsletter Brass Ring Daily, about work and creativity, has been featured in Lifehacker, Inc., TIME, and Vanity Fair — which called it “a life coach in your inbox”.

Today we talk about:

  1. Kara’s specific advice for actually “enjoying the process” and “trusting the journey” in your work and life
  2. How/why we diminish our own excitement about projects and milestones, and how to keep some of that joy for yourself
  3. Why Katie sometimes feels like she experiences an existential crisis when she hits her goals, and Kara’s way of countering that feeling
  4. Finding your collaborators and champions, how to reach out to people whose work you admire when it feels scary to — plus Kara’s exact “in” line — and where the heck to actually find them
  5. Kara’s unique take on why hearing NO is sometimes the best thing you can hear
  6. The reason Kara doesn’t actually write with a reader in mind, and how it’s helped the longevity of Brass Ring Daily

and more!


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