133: The Power of Intuitive Business, Mental Health + Connecting The Dots In Your Life with Michelle Pellizzon of Holisticism

This back-from-unexpected-hiatus (…I’ll explain in the first 5 minutes) episode is JAM-PACKED with goodness right from the very start. From mental health and getting a diagnosis as an adult to “intuitive business” and the realities of making money to the way we live our lives online and how to be many things at once.

I’m so thrilled to be able to introduce you to MICHELLE PELLIZZON, founder (and Head Witch In Charge) of Holisticism. Holisticism is a platform, and media company that helps make well-being practices more accessible to the masses by helping wellness practitioners run profitable, community-oriented businesses. Michelle also hosts The Twelfth House Podcast, one of my favorite podcasts, shedding light on the unseen aspects of wellness, intuitive business, and spirituality.





The Twelfth House podcast
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Atomic Habits
Katie on The Twelfth House

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