123: On Feeling Seen + Navigating Invisible Illness with Harper Spero
When business coach Harper Spero was diagnosed with an extremely rare immunodeficiency disorder known as Job’s syndrome, she was determined to create her own narrative. She believes that battling an invisible illness should not define you.

Not only has Harper learned to embrace her invisible illness, but she has carved a new path and given hope to many who feel equally veiled. Harper couldn’t find podcasts featuring stories of people similar to her. In 2018, Harper launched the podcast Made Visible to help people with invisible illnesses (and those who care for them) feel more seen and heard. In 2020, she launched the Made Visible Writing Class to help others write and share their stories of invisible illness.

In this episode we talk about what it’s like to live with an invisible illness, and what that means during the times of pandemic. We also talk about access and privilege when it comes to getting help, the countless benefits of learning about stories that look different than your own, how to feel — and make OTHERS feel — seen, and so much more.


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