117: 4 Steps To A 5-Minute Gratitude Practice

We can’t wait for gratitude to come, and can’t just expect it to come naturally all the time (especially in the tougher times). To get fluent in gratitude, you’ve got to have a gratitude practice. And not just in the self-help, pop-culture-mindfulness way: an actual PRACTICE, just like you’d practice a sport or new language, so that when you need it most, you’ll be able to access it. Try this five minute, four-step gratitude practice year-round to strengthen your gratitude muscles.


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This month is in support of Feeding America…but that’s not all! It’s in support of you getting involved with your local food bank this holiday season. While providing meals to those who struggle with hunger might look different this year, Feeding America has put together a great guide on how you can help a family put a holiday meal on the table this Thanksgiving (and beyond). Click here for more info.


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