WANTcast Episode 112: Why (And How) You Should Bother with Jennifer Louden

Ever felt like you want to start something, do something, be something…but “what’s the point?” Or maybe you’ve “already tried”? Or it just seems too daunting, too trivial, too…fill in the blank? Have you ever asked yourself, rhetorically, some version of the question: Why bother??

Jennifer Louden thinks you should ask that question more – but for real. Jen is a personal growth pioneer who helped launch the concept of self-care with her first bestseller, The Woman’s Comfort Book. Since then, she’s written six additional books on well-being and whole living, including The Woman’s Retreat Book and The Life Organizer, with close to a million copies of her books in print in nine languages. Her newest book, Why Bother? Discover the Desire for What’s Next, challenges us to open our minds, our hearts, and our lives by following where that question leads.

In this episode we talk about why (and how) to bother, prioritization, making a difference/impact, reframing success, tapping into what your desires actually are…oh, and her rendezvous with Oprah. This episode is a MUST LISTEN for any age, life stage, or mindset.
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Show Notes:
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Navigating Your Self-Talk During The For-Now Normal event on 9/19

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This episode is in support of NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association). NEDA supports individuals and families affected by eating disorders, and serves as a catalyst for prevention, cures and access to quality care. To get involved, learn more, or donate, visit nationaleatingdisorders.org


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