WANTcast Episode 109: Do The Best With What You’ve Got And The Best For What’s Next

A negative self-talk loop is when the demeaning and degrading story we tell ourselves about ourselves or our life not only plays on repeat in our brain, but leads to even more demeaning and degrading thoughts. And since negative self-talk thrives off of uncertainty, it makes complete sense that it’s been having a field day for so many of us in so many ways throughout 2020 in particular.


If the self-talk coming up for you right now is along the lines of: “I’m exhausted. I’m doing everything I can and it’s just not cutting it. I’m so behind. I can’t believe I’m still HERE. If I only had [fill in the blank], this wouldn’t be so hard.”…then this episode is for you.

Episode 71 with Christen Brandt
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This episode is in support of Small Projects Istanbul. Small Projects Istanbul is dedicated to helping those displaced by the conflict in the Middle East and North Africa, or the M.E.N.A. region, rebuild their lives. They do this through supporting community development, education and empowerment. Their Community Centre is designed to be a place of safety and belonging; and within this space they are committed to working with the community to ensure the best opportunities for families, students and individuals to reach their full potential in Istanbul and beyond. Within the Community Center, SPI strives to provide livelihood support opportunities through the establishment of a Women’s Social Enterprise, enabling skills development, income generation and economic integration. To get involved or to donate, visit smallprojectsistanbul.org

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