WANTcast Episode 105: Going Beyond Diversity with Carrie Kholi-Murchison

Dr. Carrie Kholi-Murchison is a critical thinker, writer, entrepreneur, and growth strategist with 10+ years experience defining brands and gathering and growing communities, and is currently Whole30’s Director of People and Culture, leading their diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives across all Whole30 platforms. She is also the Director of Culture + Content at HOLI. Brands, a think tank enhancing the lives of women, people of color, and LGBTQI communities by catering to five tiers of human need, falling into two categories: deficiency needs and growth needs. Kholi believes that every human being has the right and responsibility to confidently and creatively contribute to an equitable future for all. She expedites these contributions by working to enhance the quality of life for historically marginalized communities. As a Taurus obsessing over wellness and – not just chasing, but – catching up to our dreams, she lives to help people manifest personal and professional shifts, create brave and welcoming space, and build for long-term sustenance.


Find Kholi at https://www.carriekholi.com, and on Instagram at @khoLi.

Show Notes:
Episode with Jessica Murnane on One Part Podcast
WHOLE30 Diversity, Equity + Inclusion Statement

HOLI Brands
Khafra Community Cohort
Hella Black Brunch
Everyday Devotion
Elizabeth McGrath
Ologies with Alie Ward about “Matrimoniology”


This episode is in support of Reclamation Ventures, a family of brands reclaiming our right to be well. They create conversations, invest in the best talent, and support innovative programs to transform wellness – for all of us. They believe “that when we elevate the capacity of diverse wellness leaders to thrive, we can start to close the wellness gap and increase health equities in communities that need it most.” To get involved, click here.

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