WANTcast 064: Best Body Ever

If you’re listening to this because you were searching for the secrets to your Best Body Ever…well, I’m so glad you’re here. Although, this might not be what you were expecting…

In this episode, we’ll break down the dangers of diet culture and weight loss disguised as “wellness” and “self-care” – plus how to keep your eyes open and know the difference between true wellness-focused brands and the ones that are just disguising the D-word.

Still wondering how to get your Best Body Ever? I’ve got some tips and tricks for that, too. And they’re ones you probably don’t hear very often…because this is the WANTcast, after all.

WANT yourself:

Beware of diet culture in self-care clothing. Beware of weight loss in wellness language. Click To Tweet


More into reading? Here’s the written version of this podcast.


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