WANTcast 061: Reflections + Projections: How To (Actually) Have Your Best Year Yet

Making mindful goals and setting realistic resolutions isn’t as easy as it seems like it would be…mainly because, much like our self-talk, we’re so used to jumping to the WHATs before exploring the WHYs.

Now, if that sentence sounded a little TOO hippie-dippie woo woo for you, don’t worry: this episode is actually super pragmatic. In our SEASON FOUR premiere, we’ll be breaking down some of my most useful exercises and thought-starters to help you design the kind of year you actually WANT to have (instead of relying on a to-do list of goals to throw you around).

No BS here: this is an episode to come back to whenever you feel like you need direction or a goals “refresh.” No resolutions involved.

Happy New Year, WANT fam!

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  1. Victoria Yates

    Katie! I absolutely loved this episode! I so resonate with the whole conversation about giving compliments! That was so powerful. Also so loved it when you talked about self-talk and having to “learn a new language” in a sense. So much wisdom and look forward to more WANTcasts this year! Thank you!

    • Katie

      THRILLED you loved the episode, Victoria! Really wanted to create something valuable for our fam heading into 2019. Happy Happy New Year to you and thank you for taking the time to comment – makes my day!


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