WANTcast 053: Thinking Out Loud: On Inspiration vs Aesthetic, Curiosity vs Criticism, The Amateur vs The Pro, and (so much) More

It’s Friday, and it’s time for some THINKING OUT LOUD. If you’re new here, our THINKING OUT LOUD WANTcast episodes are very loosely structured solo episides of me riffing off of whatever thoughts are on my mind lately.

I often pair them with an Instagram post so you can follow along easy-peasy. Here’s the one that goes with today’s episode.

On deck for today:

– The difference between following inspiration and following an aesthetic

– Being a tourist in your own city and what kinds of life lessons that brings up

– Being a good person vs making sure a lot of people THINK you’re a good person

– Body pride + mental well-being

…and SO much more.

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pic: patricia peña photography

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