WANTcast 038: The Recovery Myth, Part 4 – What Does Recovery Mean To You + Sustaining, Maintaining, Self Care and Self Image with Katie Dalebout

In the FINALE of The Recovery Myth miniseries, we talk about what recovery REALLY means…plus we’ve got Katie Dalebout on, who talks all about sustaining, maintaining, body image, the perks and pitfalls of “self care” and “wellness,” and how relationships come into play when it comes to a positive and proactive recovery journey.

For the final installment, we’ve got two parts to this episode: I wanted to talk about what recovery means to me...but as I was editing an upcoming episode, I realized that our conversation around eating disorders, body image, and recovery was so good, I had to share it now.

So as a bonus, I’m going to give you a nice big chunk of my conversation with the incredible Katie Dalebout, host of the Let It Out podcast and author of Let It Out: A Journey Through Journaling. Through her speaking and writing, she aims to help people develop a positive image of their bodies by embracing their creativity & personality outside of their physicality. Kind of perfect for The Recovery Myth, no?

Here we go… 

WANT yourself:

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Show notes:

The Recovery Myth Pt 4: What Does Recovery Mean To You? 7 Women on Living The New Normal
The 7 biggest recovery myths
Lynn Chen on The Recovery Myth
Nathanie V Dust on The Recovery Myth
Katie Dalebout

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