The WANTcast, Episode 014: On The Value Of Going Slow + The Fitspiration Shift with Kirsten Potenza of POUND

If you follow me on Instagram or read WANT often, you know I’m a sucker for a good fitness experience. And it’s not because I’m super passionate about how to do a lunge or because of any sort of caloric burn: just like anything else worthwhile, fitness, to me, is all about how it makes you feel.

Today’s guest is a long time in the making (we may or may not have tried to record this 7xs, nbd), someone whose journey I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing over the last five years: Kirsten Potenza, the co-founder of POUND.


POUND is a workout unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced – IF YOUR IDEA of a workout looks more like head-banging at a rock concert than logging miles on a treadmill, then POUND may just be your fitness spirit animal. The concept behind this killer workout is simple yet genius: a full-body cardio jam session using weighted Ripstix to drum to the music for 45 crazy minutes. I live for music, so when I was first introduced to POUND, and Kirsten, I felt like I’d found a workout meant for me.

The POUND story was born from struggle and a journey to self-realization that involved finding out what was missing for both Kirsten and co-founder Cristina. When they met, they were both living in extremes – Kirsten, in particular, was a work-a-holic and a play-a-holic with zero sense of balance.

After realizing there was a shift that needed to be made, POUND and the POUND philosophy was born: life can’t be fully enjoyed without balance and nurturing, and if you give up on self-improvement, you give up on yourself. There is always something you can do, big or small, to be the you YOU know you’re meant to be.

Everything is as it should be. We have an opportunity to learn from both our ups + downs. -kirsten potenza, @poundfit Click To Tweet

In this episode we talk Kirsten’s past with negativity and her catalyst for a new way of thinking, going from feeling completely alone to being a community builder extraordinaire, why all “fitspiration” is NOT created equal, and the immense value in going slow in whatever you feel passionate about.

I’m thrilled to have her on the WANTcast and to be able to introduce you to her.

WANT Kirsten:

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POUND – website
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Highway To Well
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Mind Of A Chef

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  1. Momo Foster

    So awesome!!! This is my introduction to WANT and so excited to read and hear more of what you share and Kirsten did amazing! Enjoyed everything that was shared and feel so much more (if possible) proud to be a part of POUND’s community <3

    • Katie

      Couldn’t you listen to Kirsten forever? She’s just amazingness through and through. As I said in another comment on here, the POUND community is like family in my book. So I’m thrilled you found WANT 🙂 xo

  2. Tammie S. Brown

    I have never heard of WANT, I am a POUND Pro and that is what drew me to your podcast on Facebook. I love this episode and hope to hear more. Good luck moving to New York!!!

    • Katie

      Awesome, Tammie!! The POUND community is family in my book. I’m so happy you found WANT!

  3. Jenny

    Loved listening to this! Kirsten is one amazing lady!

    • Katie

      Agreed! Isn’t she so inspiring?



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