The WANTcast, Episode 008: On Lessons From Rock Bottom + Listening As Service with Benjamin Mathes


Having men as a part of WANT has been in the gameplan from the beginning. But of course, I wanted to do it right. Not just anyone. Not just any time.

It’s a new year. The time is now.

Sometimes the person who needs to be heard the most is sitting right next to you -@bcmathes Click To Tweet

Ben is, without question, a dream guest and the perfect man to kick off this new year of brilliant WANT Women and Men. Not only were we able to kick off jamming about one of my favorite topics – gender and the beauty/strength in our innate differences – but we really went there when it comes to what happens when you hit what feels like rock bottom and where you go from there.

We also talk service, judgement, how to forgive yourself when forgiveness feels hardest – and, as we get into his AMAZING organization Urban Confessional – why it is that listening is key to changing the world. I’ll just leave this here:

Heads up! We’re giving you a challenge at the end of this pod – comment below or hit us up on social media to add your voice to the mix.

You are going to love this. I am so proud of this conversation.


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Show Notes:
Benjamin Mathes – website
Urban Confessional – website
Crash Acting – website
Thought Lozenges For Artists

CRASH Journal
Turn, Turn, Turn by The Byrds
Listen First Project


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