The WANTcast Episode 002: On Honoring Your Personality Type + Following Your Own Path with Astrologer Danielle Beinstein

I can’t believe we’re already into Episode Two.

Even moreso, I can’t believe how you’ve been responding after just ONE episode.

Thank you so, so much for the outpouring of support and for tuning into that very first episode with Delia Brown. It was so special to me and to her, and it was so incredible to hear how moved you were, too.

I can’t thank you enough for spreading the word about the WANTcast – apparently, there aren’t a lot of wellness-minded podcasts, and even less run by women, which is kind of crazy to me. It’s truly such an honor that you’re choosing to spend an hour of your time with me and the guests on this wild ride.


This week’s WANTcast guest is Danielle Beinstein, an LA-based Astrologer, meditation coach, spiritual counselor, writer, and co-founder of the New Moon Circle in Venice Beach, CA, which gives women a sacred space to set intentions, form bonds, and heal their lives from the inside out (on the new moon of each month, of course).
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When I met Dani a few months back at a cocktail party (celebrating Meredith Baird’s new cookbook!), I could just tell we were supposed to be in each other’s lives.

Maybe it was because she was, like me, an introvert usually confused for an extrovert, was also an HSP, or a highly sensitive person (also like me), and approached a topic I’m fascinated by – astrology – from such an intellectual, personal, and pragmatic way. A way that even the most hippie-dippie-averse people could relate to.

Turns out, she has a crazy academic and business background, so something I really wanted to talk to her about was how this highly off-the-beaten path career took shape, which was nothing like where she thought she wanted to be her entire life.


In this episode, we talk about how to balance being an introvert with extroverted tendencies, adapting and protecting yourself as an HSP (or highly sensitive person), and Dani’s windy, highly untraditional path from living in Manhattan in a super competitive world to ending up in politics to finding her way into the entertainment industry, to trying out tech, to a degree in Spiritual Psychology (which I didn’t know was a thing until now!) from University Of Santa Monica and “coming out of the astrology closet.”


She also talks about following your heart, conscious friendships, and – my very favorite – what the planets in your chart say about where you are in your own personal growth cycle, and why it will NOT look like anyone else’s. Pretty cool.

This episode resonated with me on a very deep level, and I hope you love it as much as I do.


One lucky WANT reader will win a copy of Dani’s New Moon Circle Journal (pictured above), an astrological guide to monthly intention setting, providing you with an opportunity to reflect on your heartfelt dreams and desires. It also offers information on how you can create a Moon Circle of your own.

To enter, leave a comment telling me one thing about this episode that you loved. For extra entries, follow @katiehorwitch, @danibeinstein, and/or @newmooncircle on Instagram. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, September 29th at 6pm PST. Good luck, WANT women (and men, too)!
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WANT more? Read Danielle’s WANT piece on conscious friendships and what to do when you’re triggered: Squad Goals + Self Worth: 5 Tips For When You’re Triggered

Show notes:
Book a coaching session
 (Dani read my chart and it was an eye-opening experience!)
New Moon Circle
New Moon Circle Journal

Paula Mallis
Poppy + Seed
Unplug Meditation

University Of Santa Monica Spiritual Psychology
My sound guru Roger Bellon, who helped make sure this podcast sounded beautiful

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  1. Elizabeth

    I LOVED the intro when you and Danielle were talking about being both introverted and HSP. It really helped to clarify my own personality, which I believe to be very similar. I’ve always labeled myself as an extrovert, but I can only be that outgoing bubbly self around certain people and for a certain period of time before I want to withdraw from it all and be alone. Thank you for sharing! It was a wonderful podcast and I’m excited for future episodes 🙂 Also, I followed Danielle and the NewMoonCirlce on instagram (was already following you!).

  2. Melissa

    This episode spoke to me on so many levels. I loved especially when Danielle was talking about not being the “party friend” and owning that – that is so me! Can’t wait to hear more podcasts from you!

  3. Erica

    Hi Katie!

    First off, LOVE what you’re doing with WANT – we need more next level inspirational podcasts for women xx

    Now on to the podcast, Danielle is such an incredible human being – from listening to her stories, to reading her articles to briefly meeting her for coffee, my inner light shines a little brighter.

    This episode resonated with me on many levels, but two points stand out:

    1. The two of you discuss how we are all wired differently and that it is okay. I too, am a highly sensitive person, am very vulnerable, more feminine and shed quite a few tears – this doesn’t make me any less strong. I’m now on this path (with the help of this piece) of embracing all of my sensitivities – they are what make me, me and I’m starting to love that.

    2. We are all on our own journey and we are all going to have our own highs and lows at different times in our lives. We are all growing at different speeds, no two lives are the same and self-acceptance is key >>> My life expedition is my own and I’m exactly where I need to be in this moment .

    Thank you! Looking forward to hearing more from you!

  4. Ashley

    Love this! And love that you started a podcast 🙂 I really loved hearing Danielle’s journey and how both of you are multi-passionate. I sometimes feel like I’m not supposed to like so many things, and that can make me feel like I’m alone or like I “should” choose one thing. It’s so great to hear two people who love many things doing what speaks to them. Followed on all accounts!

  5. Katie


  6. Aimee Guzman

    Oh my god I’m listening to this podcast right now it’s amazing! I love everything you girls are talking about.

    • Katie

      Isn’t it good, Aimee?! Had no clue half the topics we talked about were going to come up – and I’m so glad they did. Dani is a gem!



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