The WANTcast Episode 001: On Creative Depression + Facing Your Fears with Artist Delia Brown

I cannot think of a better guest for the first WANTcast (if you want to read a little bit about the pod’s launch, click over to this page).

When I was younger, I thought I was going to be an artist. Not in the esoteric, all-inclusive way. The drawing and painting way. I studied the classics in art class every Saturday morning, copying Monets, Manets, and Reniors, wondering if I could ever grow up to be like them.

As I grew older, I realized I didn’t know what that looked like as a profession in a time other than the 1800s. I didn’t have role models. And so that desire just…faded away.

I first met Delia Brown a couple years ago when she became an indoor cycling teacher at Equinox, and was instantly drawn to her down to earth, inclusive, sassy but soulful personality.

As I got to know her, these little pieces of information started to surface… Like the fact that she rapped. Or that she swam in the ocean every morning.

Or that she was literally a famous artist.

Like will-be-in-art-history-books famous. Like the-kind-of-famous-I-wanted-to-be-as-a-painter. Like, BIG TIME fame.

(She’d never admit to it so blatantly, of course. But I like to brag about her talent. So yes. Big time.)

Earlier this year, something else surfaced: that she had been diagnosed with, in her words, a pretty gnarly strain of cancer.

In this episode, Delia she talks about falling into a creative depression that lasted years, doing things because they’re scary, finding role models that reflect who you know you can be, and – of course – her rap career (she opened for Wu Tang Clan, now writes/performs wonderfully hilarious parodies on YouTube), her Real Housewives project, and her appearance on one of her fave Daytime TV soaps.

We also, of course, talk about the Big C – and why she actually doesn’t wish she “didn’t have to deal with it.”

If you are into living life to the fullest – yes, I‘m going to be that general – this episode is for you. I love her and I know you will too.


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WANT more? Come back on Thursday for Delia’s WANT Woman spotlight…

Show notes:
Delia’s blog
(+ blog entry “Chemo Is Done, Boo-Ya-Ka”)
The Fuzz demo tape from 1993 on SoundCloud

Delia on The Young & The Restless
Rap parodies: (These Hoes Ain’t) Lawyers, Whole Foods Parking Lot rap response: Revenge of the Black Prius
Information on uterine papillary serous carcinoma
Donate to support rare cancer research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering
Theme by Christopher Given Harrison
Jessica Murnane of One Part Podcast

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