I WANT: Welcome To Women Against Negative Talk

I WANT: Welcome To Women Against Negative Talk

As I currently type this, I am yet to even make the WANT site public. I’ve gathered a few posts together, I’ve imported some of my favorite content from The Blog Formerly Known As KatieHorwitch.com, I’ve even shown the site to a few close yet brutally honest lovesies and friends. And as I currently type this, that area on the lefthand side of my chest is so tied up in knots I am almost dancing on that line of being either paralyzed by fear or energized by possibility.

It’s not fancy enough. It’s not functional enough. It’s not good enough. yet.

But then I ask, if not now – when?

When you have an idea, it is nothing until you let it live. There will always be something else you can change or some sort of way you can shift. Begin now and let it take shape. It’s what I’ve been telling myself as I shake to hit “publish.”

It’s this weird feeling, I know this is what I am meant to do.

WANT has been my purpose project all my life, a through line in my thoughts, emotions, and actions. To read more of my story, click through here. But net-net, I had no clue my biggest “roadblock,” my heightened sensitivity and awareness, was actually my biggest strength. It’s what has helped me identify the negative talk patterns we dig into here on WANT, both in myself and in others. And it’s what allowed me to really explore those small, simple shifts that ultimately help up learn a new language of self-love and self respect – and learn it fluently.

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WANT is a website filled with pragmatic tools and insightful resources, it’s a collection of essays and poetry, of inspiring tidbits and emotional asides. WANT is a space for you to meet female leaders in all fields to strip away titles and share what’s helped them be proactive in their own lives so that you can do the same in yours. WANT is a hub for women (and men too, hi dudes!) to take all they see, hang onto whatever resonates, and make it work for them. WANT is a deeply personal place to find motivation, empowerment, inspiration, and actual action steps to be the you that you want to be.
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We all say we want so many things that we strive and struggle for: the house, the job, the friends, the relationship, the bod. Women Against Negative Talk aims to redefine what those actually mean – what we actually WANT.

Turns out, when all the wants are stripped down bare, that thing we really want most of all…is ourselves. Every day. Every way. Let’s go and make that happen.
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Spread the (good) word. I’m so happy you’re on this journey.



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