WANTcast 118: Rewriting Your Story with Rebecca Walker and Lily Diamond

WANTcast 118: Rewriting Your Story with Rebecca Walker and Lily Diamond

If your favorite therapist, poet, and thought leader got together and had a book baby, What’s Your Story?: A Journal for Everyday Evolution by Rebecca Walker and Lily Diamond would be it. This guided journal doesn’t just give you writing prompts to riff off of – it asks you deep, nuanced questions that get you exploring and morphing your deep-seated narratives. It’s creativity-sparking, obsession-worthy, and most of all, actually life-changing.

What’s Your Story? is an interactive journal for anyone who longs to bring a new story to life and leave behind the tired patterns of their past. Through a series of deeply personal writing prompts, youโ€™ll excavate the stories that have shaped your past and be inspired to write a new, fulfilling narrative for the future.

In this episode, we talk about examining long-held beliefs, setting boundaries, finding a sense of belonging, and so very much more.

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What’s Your Story?
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