WANTcast Episode 104: Experiential Longing

WANTcast Episode 104: Experiential Longing

You know to call someone when you miss them. But what if what you miss isn’t a person that’s able to be dialed on the phone – or an event that’s about to be rescheduled? What do you do when it’s the smaller or less-specific things you miss, like sitting outside with a cup of coffee or going on a vacation (*any* vacation)?

In this episode of the WANTcast, we discuss the concept of what we call experiential longing: the feeling of missing experiences, routines, habits, and situations.
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This month is in support of ON BEING HUMAN 2020. The OBH 2020 COVID-19 Food Drive supports families who were hit financially by COVID-19 by offering each household a $100 grocery card. They act as a bridge between folks who are in immediate need of food and folks who are able to give a little to help them. To donate, click here.

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