WANTcast 098: Overwhelm In The For-Now Normal

WANTcast 098: Overwhelm In The For-Now Normal

The words we choose to describe the time we’re in *matter.* Saying that this is our “New Normal” implies that the Now is the Forever…which it’s definitely not.

In this episode, we’ll unpack handling OVERWHELM during what I propose we call the FOR-NOW NORMAL – questions to ask yourself and ways to shift your mindset, plus prioritization strategies to help create structure and order when so much feels up in the air.

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This month is in support of FEEDING AMERICA. Help food banks respond to COVID-19 by donating to Feeding America now. Feeding America and its network of food banks are continuing to provide food to people in need during these times of uncertainty. If you have any means to help, please do! Every bit counts. To get involved or donate, visit feedingamerica.org.

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