WANTcast 081: Rethinking Pre-Fall + Maximizing Transitions

WANTcast 081: Rethinking Pre-Fall + Maximizing Transitions

Without Summer vacations and required reading, it can be hard as an adult to draw the line between where Summer ends and Fall begins. Because although we’d love to have an endless summer…and although the first day of Autumn isn’t technically until September 23rd…we can all feel a shift happen the moment Labor Day weekend comes to a close. It’s “back to the grind” – even though most of us have been grinding all year long.

This timely Season Premiere of the WANTcast is here to help you make the most of this time, right here and now. Because while January usually gets all the attention when it comes to resolutions, I’d like to argue that September holds just as much promise as the 01/01 mark.

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