Here’s to the women
Who lift each other up
instead of
Drag each other down.

Here’s to the women
Who aren’t too cool to snort-laugh,

Who aren’t too guarded to show their whole souls,
Who aren’t too scared to lead the way by
being vulnerable.

Here’s to the women
Who fight the good fight,

Every Damn Day
For other women to feel just as seen and heard
As they deserve to be.

Here’s to the acquaintances,
The besties,
The soulies,

And the strangers
Who delight in giving compliments,
Not critiques.

Here’s to the woman
Who bares her soul and tells her truth
But never at the expense of others
And certainly not at the expense of herself.

Here’s to the women,
Every Single Woman,
Because only together
Are we able to

Move Forward Fearlessly.