WANTcast Episode 023: On Confronting Fear, Fighting The Good Fight + The Return Of Chivalry with Danielle Beinstein

WANTcast Episode 023: On Confronting Fear, Fighting The Good Fight + The Return Of Chivalry with Danielle Beinstein

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For this episode, I wanted to talk about the state of affairs post-election – but I didn’t want to simply have a conversation about how scary things are over and over. I think that we’ve all had enough of that. I wanted to have an in-depth conversation with someone who could speak to the nitty-gritty details and logistics of it all way more than I could…someone who (preferably) had an inside look into politics, and also (preferably) was in the business of mindfulness. Because in order to change minds and change lives, we can’t speak in vague terms. We need to be able to articulate why exactly things are as terrifying as they are, and we need to be solution oriented and determined to mobilize in a way that works for us.

Like I said last week, what I’ve been doing is trying to pay as close attention as possible and decipher what people need most right now. What is not being talked about. And how I can help.

I knew that Danielle Beinstein would be the perfect person to have this kind of conversation with. Dani is a meditation teacher and astrologer in Los Angeles – and go figure, also has a background in politics! You might remember her from Episode Two, which is still one of the most downloaded episodes…so if you haven’t listened to that definitely put it on your to do list.


In this episode, we dive into what’s going on in the country, we explore why exactly this is so terrifying (like, actually break it down, not just get worked up about it being terrifying and get ourselves more and more anxious along with you), what we need to know about the way our government is set up, what astrology has to say about this time in history (it’s mind-blowing), the deal with and danger in “spiritual bypass,” what we can do about it all, and how to talk to those who might have different viewpoints than we do. It’s the perfect episode to air right before Thanksgiving and the holiday season kicks – a time during which you might be spending time with people who not only have different views than your own, but with people you usually don’t have emotional, impassioned conversations with in the first place.

Plus Dani has a fascinating theory on the return of chivalry, and what men’s role is during this incredibly fascinating time. I’m SO pumped about this conversation and know I’ll be listening multiple times to really soak it in. You should, too.


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The WANTcast, Episode 005: On Making Your Mark + Meaning In Darkness with Rachelle Tratt Of The Neshama Project

The WANTcast, Episode 005: On Making Your Mark + Meaning In Darkness with Rachelle Tratt Of The Neshama Project

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Lately, we’ve been talking about finding light in darkness (remember Desiderata?) making decisions based on gut feelings. And today, we’re riffing off of that theme, in a brand new way…

I’m not a “things” type of person, but the “things” I DO own, it’s because they make me feel a certain way, or carry a certain meaning or message. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably see a few things over and over: my stack of bracelets, and a tiny little “Hamsa” I wear around my neck.

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Today’s guest is Rachelle Tratt, LA yoga instructor and founder of the jewelry line The Neshama Project. The Neshama Project has developed almost a cult following here in LA, and it was born out of her desire to bring her passion for educating others about a culture she loved and wanting to make the world a healthier, brighter place.

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Rachelle inspires me because she’s not your typical yoga pro – or even your typical entrepreneur. She’s seen a LOT, which we’ll get into in this episode, and she always rode on the feeling that she was meant to do something important with her life, without even knowing exactly what that meant.

As you’ll hear, and as you probably already know about me, I’m not just interested in the light easy breezy moments or the dark rough spots, I’m most fascinated by the intersection of the two and how they can, as the tagline says, help you move forward fearlessly onto the path you’re meant to follow.


In this episode, we talk about the fallacy of the necessity of the 5-year plan, turning ideas into action, being a people person and the necessary boundaries that come with that, cultivating your intuition, moving forward through what seem like the worst of challenges life can throw at you, and finding not only meaning but a lesson in every single moment, even if it’s not clear at first. And of course, before this episode, I internet-stalked her and read a sentence somewhere about a Hummus challenge she took. So obviously, I had to ask about that.

If you’ve ever experienced extreme lows, loss, have a sense of adventure but don’t know how to cultivate that, or are interested in building a community that speaks to who you are and who you want to be, this is the episode for you.

*WANT DISCOUNT* Rachelle is offering our WANT community 10% off all Neshama Project products! I wear my necklace and bracelet every day. Use the discount code WANT10 at checkout, and be sure to follow them on Instagram, etc for special holiday deals!

WANT Rachelle:

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Show Notes:
The Neshama Project
The Yoga Collective
Innovation Africa
The Doreen Bracelet
Rusty’s Nut Butters + Treats

National Suicide Prevention Hotline 

*This episode contains sensitive topics – namely, suicide. If you feel like you might be triggered in any way, skip minutes 20-30ish, or just mentally prepare yourself. You know yourself best!