The WANTcast Episode 006: On Extroversion, Introversion + Rebranding Your Life with Jacki Carr

The WANTcast Episode 006: On Extroversion, Introversion + Rebranding Your Life with Jacki Carr

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Today’s WANTcast guest is someone who’s been on my list for a while now: goal coach Jacki Carr.

In a nutshell: Jacki’s become a highly sought-after pro in her arena who’s helped hundreds of people across the globe not only reach their goals, but actually craft exactly what those goals look like, why they matter, and a path to them that is unique to every single person – personal goals, professional goals, whatever.

I’ve met a lot of fantastic people over the internet through the years (holy jeez, just realized I made my first virtual friend at 12. Almost two decades. How did that happen?! [ps. it was a 14 year old girl who loved RENT as much as I did, natch]). What’s interesting about Jacki is that we actually should have met in person. We’ve got about a zillion mutual friends, from fitness instructors we’ve both worked with to former Lululemon employees (Jacki used to work for Lulu) to various personalities in the Venice/Santa Monica region (where we both called home for one point in time), even people I’ve met through work that I’d never expect to have a mutual connection with – Jacki is our mutual connection.

And it’s not hard to see why: Jacki is gregarious to the core and electricity personified. People who meet her are swept up by her enthusiastic and vivacious personality and get hooked on her attention connection. In other words, they come for the spark and stay for the soul. Jacki has the ability to bring out the best in whoever she meets, whether it’s in person or virtually.


And yet, we’d never met. I was nervous to talk to her one-on-one for the very first time, as when you’ve connected with someone from afar you sometimes get nervous it won’t be that great in person…

Boy, was I wrong. We chatted like old friends, and it truly felt like I’d known her a lifetime ago. I know I’m not the only one who has felt this way, which is why I think Jacki is such a powerhouse: she makes everyone around her feel like family.

The way I structure my podcasts is very, very loosely – I do a bit of research, I gather a few points I’d like to discuss, and then we just go. I end up rarely needing my notes, as each conversation unfolds so beautifully and naturally, and the women on the WANTcast really have a knack for being a next-level open book. With Jacki, it was just like that. I’d read somewhere that she identified with being an extrovert while her best friend and business partner, Mary Beth LaRue, was an introvert, and as an introvert myself, I was curious to hear the other side of the story when it comes to relationships with different personality types. What unfolded was even better than what I could have imagined. Her husband, turns out, is an introvert as well, and Jacki and I got to dive into the nuances of what happens when we’re with our opposites, both in love and in life. Having grown up in an entirely extroverted family and always been attracted to extroverted personalities, I was sucked in by this (in a good way!).
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Other big things we talked about? Making friends later in life. As Jacki put it, “making new friends in your 30s is gnarly.” She’s just relocated to Denver after living in LA for quite some time, and we got down and dirty into the topic of navigating life transitions, from business rebranding to personal rebranding to pregnancy and even those little-big stages we all go through in life. Basically, the through-line of this episode comes down to one thing: rebranding your life.
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What I love is that Jacki’s not a life coach, and she’s not a therapist, she’s got a passion for GOAL SETTING and ACHIEVING specifically that just exudes from every single thing she does. I found this episode not just uplifting… but I was sitting for a WHILE after this call reflecting on my own goals and visions, and how I can use what I’ve been given to make my own unique impact both personally and professionally. I thought about the stages I’ve been through, and what kinds of changes I might want to make in the future. Hopefully, it’ll do the same for you too.
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*Little note: this is technically supposed to be the last episode of 2015, but I’m thinking that maybe we throw in an extra episode before the year is up! Not really sure what that looks like yet, but if you’d like that extra episode, shoot me a tweet, or leave me an Instagram comment and just say “YES!” I’ll know what you mean.

On with the show…


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Show Notes:
Jacki’s site
Rock Your Bliss
Quiet by Susan Cain
Creative Start podcast with Jacki

Rock Your Bliss on WANT

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The WANTcast Episode 002: On Honoring Your Personality Type + Following Your Own Path with Astrologer Danielle Beinstein

The WANTcast Episode 002: On Honoring Your Personality Type + Following Your Own Path with Astrologer Danielle Beinstein

Body Community Love the WANTcast Work

I can’t believe we’re already into Episode Two.

Even moreso, I can’t believe how you’ve been responding after just ONE episode.

Thank you so, so much for the outpouring of support and for tuning into that very first episode with Delia Brown. It was so special to me and to her, and it was so incredible to hear how moved you were, too.

I can’t thank you enough for spreading the word about the WANTcast – apparently, there aren’t a lot of wellness-minded podcasts, and even less run by women, which is kind of crazy to me. It’s truly such an honor that you’re choosing to spend an hour of your time with me and the guests on this wild ride.


This week’s WANTcast guest is Danielle Beinstein, an LA-based Astrologer, meditation coach, spiritual counselor, writer, and co-founder of the New Moon Circle in Venice Beach, CA, which gives women a sacred space to set intentions, form bonds, and heal their lives from the inside out (on the new moon of each month, of course).
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When I met Dani a few months back at a cocktail party (celebrating Meredith Baird’s new cookbook!), I could just tell we were supposed to be in each other’s lives.

Maybe it was because she was, like me, an introvert usually confused for an extrovert, was also an HSP, or a highly sensitive person (also like me), and approached a topic I’m fascinated by – astrology – from such an intellectual, personal, and pragmatic way. A way that even the most hippie-dippie-averse people could relate to.

Turns out, she has a crazy academic and business background, so something I really wanted to talk to her about was how this highly off-the-beaten path career took shape, which was nothing like where she thought she wanted to be her entire life.


In this episode, we talk about how to balance being an introvert with extroverted tendencies, adapting and protecting yourself as an HSP (or highly sensitive person), and Dani’s windy, highly untraditional path from living in Manhattan in a super competitive world to ending up in politics to finding her way into the entertainment industry, to trying out tech, to a degree in Spiritual Psychology (which I didn’t know was a thing until now!) from University Of Santa Monica and “coming out of the astrology closet.”


She also talks about following your heart, conscious friendships, and – my very favorite – what the planets in your chart say about where you are in your own personal growth cycle, and why it will NOT look like anyone else’s. Pretty cool.

This episode resonated with me on a very deep level, and I hope you love it as much as I do.


One lucky WANT reader will win a copy of Dani’s New Moon Circle Journal (pictured above), an astrological guide to monthly intention setting, providing you with an opportunity to reflect on your heartfelt dreams and desires. It also offers information on how you can create a Moon Circle of your own.

To enter, leave a comment telling me one thing about this episode that you loved. For extra entries, follow @katiehorwitch, @danibeinstein, and/or @newmooncircle on Instagram. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, September 29th at 6pm PST. Good luck, WANT women (and men, too)!
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WANT more? Read Danielle’s WANT piece on conscious friendships and what to do when you’re triggered: Squad Goals + Self Worth: 5 Tips For When You’re Triggered

Show notes:
Book a coaching session
 (Dani read my chart and it was an eye-opening experience!)
New Moon Circle
New Moon Circle Journal

Paula Mallis
Poppy + Seed
Unplug Meditation

University Of Santa Monica Spiritual Psychology
My sound guru Roger Bellon, who helped make sure this podcast sounded beautiful

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