"Katie, we want you to come with us to everything. You are truly amazing and an inspirational force."
-Shelley Zalis, Founder + CEO of The Girls' Lounge

Whether you're in finance or fitness, a student or a senior, fourteen or forty-four years old, negative self-talk doesn't discriminate.

The internet is rad, but there's nothing like in-person connection. I get high off of working with like-minded brands, businesses, and organizations to shift the way we think about the world, each other, and most importantly, ourselves. Community building is my joy, using my authentic voice to help someone else find theirs is my passion. And my goal? That each and every person walks away with specific and individualized tips, tools, and strategies to amplify and own their own personal power, no matter what the scenario.

I've spoken at large-scale events with internationally-celebrated partners (like SXSW and I AM THAT GIRL) and more intimate settings with local superstars (like a body-positive pageant and local yoga studios). I've bonded with sixth graders, twenty-six year olds, and women well into their sixties. I've jammed on everything from beauty ideals and wellness hacks to finding your purpose and communicating with confidence. But no matter the subject and no matter the size, the message is always the same: it's about time we stepped up and owned our power from the inside out.


"Thank you SO much for being a part of an incredible day. It is because of YOU that we have inspired so many women to live their best lives. I don't think we will ever be able to express how thankful we are that we met you. You have helped us shape and evolve our event from the beginning and we just think you are the most amazing human." -The GOOD Fest founders


We'll never fully eradicate our negative self-talk - we're only human, after all! - but we've got to be brave enough to explore what it means to move forward fearlessly through it.

As always, I retain discretion regarding which companies and clients I work with. But if you're into making a positive shift in the way women WANT their body, their relationships, their work, and their world - I would absolutely love to hear from you.



Shifting The Self-Talk Script
Defining Your Purpose
Collaboration Over Competition
Communicating With Confidence
Healthy Body Image
Redefining Self-Care
Getting Out Of Your Own Way
Honing Your Curiosity
Activism Within Wellness

...and so much more


"Your talk really spoke to me and came at a divine time in my life. I’m one year out of college, in the corporate world, and currently navigating my journey. I’m so glad I got to meet you and talk about ways to incorporate a love for all my passions into daily life and potentially my career. You are an inspiration!” -Kaelynn, event attendee

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