“…the community I have been waiting for.”

“I had reached a rock bottom period and was ready for change but didn’t know where to start. Since then I have been craving this sense of community with shifted mindset and awareness of my values and just myself. Your podcast has felt like the community I have been waiting for. It has opened my eyes to so many wonderful, like-minded people, that feel like friends even though I’ve never once spoken to them directly.

Over the past year, and what felt like a never-ending road of being knocked while already being down with a very loud and constant stream of negative self-talk, I was told time and time again that I was “too sensitive.” Thanks to your podcasts, tools, and resources, I now know I am highly sensitive and am learning to navigate clearer than before. I have also begun work on shifting that voice in my head and being more kind to myself in terms of body image and success. Although the work never ends, and I’m not sure I would want it to, I just wanted to say thank you. You have felt like a friend and I cannot speak enough praise of your passion and work.” -Nikki R, WANT community member


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“…hard-hitting realizations about self-constructed concepts, authenticity and overcoming personal challenges.”

Hosted by Katie Horwitch, writer, speaker and founder of WANT: Women Against Negative Talk, the podcast is a smart, insightful look at the concept of self-talk (our internal chatter and inner voice) and the inner language we teach ourselves. Self-described as ‘a podcast to redefine what it means to want your body, your work, your love, your community,’ Horwitch brings admirable women and honest conversations to the forefront, while backing it up with hard-hitting realizations about self-constructed concepts, authenticity and overcoming personal challenges. This podcast will make you think all the thoughts you may have been trying to avoid — like past traumas, your tight comfort zone and letting go of the need to control — but shouldn’t.

A standout episode? When Abiola Abrams — award-winning advice columnist and motivational speaker — steps in to talk about breaking out of your comfort zone and remaining enthusiastic even when life is the most demanding. –Sunday Edit

Some of our favorite podcast appearances…

Jessica Murnane/One Part Podcast

The Actor’s Diet Podcast

Soul On Fire by The Balanced Blonde

Party In My Plants Podcast

The Brand Yourself Podcast

The Big Green Couch

Born To Rise

Indecisively Decisive

The Finding Your Shine Podcast

Well / Aware Show

Finding Our Hunger 

Creative Start

Doing The Work

Detox & Chill Podcast


The Art Of Doing

You Time

More kind words from our community:


 “…a catalyst for numerous self-actualizations.”

Women Against Negative Talk has served as a catalyst for numerous self-actualizations, many deep healing conversations, countless personal affirmations, and never failing joyful starts to my day. Katie approaches topics that many other authors or speakers would shy away from. She addresses the hard truths and evokes this innate desire to know myself better and continue to discover how the things I love can get me where I need to be in this life. -Christina L., WANT community member


“…a safe place for us to navigate this strange, fragile state of ‘being positive.’”

“For the last six years, I have made a conscious effort to banish negative talk. That’s why I’m so grateful that Katie Joy Horwitch created WANT: Women Against Negative Talk. Katie has created a safe place for us to navigate this strange, fragile state of ‘being positive.’ It isn’t merely just grabbing confidence by the balls, even when you don’t feel like it.”-Lynn Chen, actress + activist

“…came at a divine time in my life.”

“Your talk really spoke to me and came at a divine time in my life. I’m one year out of college, in the corporate world, and currently navigating my wellness journey. I’m so glad I got to meet you after the festival and talk about ways to incorporate a love for all my passions into daily life and potentially my career. You are an inspiration and I am so happy I went to the Good Fest because it brought me to you and WANT!” -Kaelynn,GOOD Fest attendee


“…a landmark movement.”

“Katie Horwitch is initiating a landmark movement. On her site and podcast, she shares stories about where negativity comes from, tools for how to deal with it when it seems to swallow us whole, and ideas on how to take thoughtful action that might change the situation on the next go-around. We need this wisdom now more than ever. Let’s learn how to ride this wave together, shall we?” – Alexa Gray, creative director + brand management



“Body image and negative self talk is something [I discussed in a podcast]. In the same vein […] I’ve discovered WANT — a project by Katie Horwitch, who, in addition to working on this incredible venture also contributes to some of my favorite wellness sites. Obsessed.”-Lindsay Mueller, senior editor at mindbodygreen + podcast host of WELL/AWARE

“…Katie Horwitch is leading the charge.”

“Raise your hand if you’re a total dick to yourself sometimes? Judging your body, success, ways you could be better. It’s something I’m constantly working on. Katie Horwitch is leading the charge with tools to stop beating ourselves up. Dive into the site and spread the message.”-Jessica Murnane, author + activist


“…such a wonderful source of positivity.”

“I cannot thank you enough for what you are putting out in the world. What I love about your website and podcast is that it touches on so many amazing points. It takes effort to address negative thought patterns. There is power in learning to love ourselves not only for the great things but also our flaws. And we cannot, or at least we do not, have to go through this world alone. Thank you for providing such a wonderful source of positivity. Thank you for being you. Thank you for your work.” -Toni L.R., WANT community member

“…I feel uplifted and stronger.”

“I started following Katie’s career and fell in love with her beautiful ability to express herself and the difficult subjects that she tackled with such ease, eloquence, and grace. When I learned about her podcast I was so excited and it did not disappoint! I love that she is unabashedly herself on this podcast, bringing her bold personality and style to it, and that she is yet again tackling so many important issues that are not often talked about. The whole podcast is so inspiring yet real, and with each episode I listen to I feel uplifted and stronger knowing that there is a whole tribe of women out there who are going through the same things and supporting one another through it all. Thank you so much Katie for the wonderful work you are doing.” -Claire, WANT community member

“…currently reading the entire site.

“…check out Women Against Negative Talk (WANT), a site full of tools, resources, motivation, and inspiration meant to help women crush their negative talk patterns. This isn’t just about beauty, but about the way we so casually (and daily) limit ourselves. Currently reading the entire site.”
-Elizabeth Stillwell, blogger


“…self-love is in, and it’s contagious!”

“Have you noticed the self-love vibe that’s in the air – this year, more than ever? The popularity of powerful new projects like Katie Horwitch’s Women Against Negative Talk […] testifies: self-love is in, and it’s contagious!” The Chalkboard Mag

Has WANT helped you through a challenge, inspired you to take action, or affected you in a positive way? Email Katie at katie@womenagainstnegativetalk.com – we’d love to hear.

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