We all do it.

“I’m so fat.” “I’m not good at that.” “It’s too hard.” “I’m too sensitive.” “I don’t care anyway.”
Belittling who we are, what we do, what we stand for, sometimes without even realizing it.

No big deal, you might think.
But what if all we think, say and feel are all we are – the ways we allow ourselves to fit into the world?

That’s a pretty. big. effin’. deal.

Negative talk is a cultural epidemic, a virus that spreads under the radar and affects everything we do. We limit ourselves, our relationships, our bodies, and our worth by latching onto these default phrases that leech their way into and onto our minds.

Negative talk – especially the casual negativity that’s become our vernacular – keeps us in a safe zone of stagnation. It’s a deceptive mothereffer that sneaks up and distracts us; convinces us we’re doing something to activate true, lasting change.

We get addicted to the problems instead of freed by the solutions.

And it’s not intentional; we don’t mean to be so mean to ourselves. It’s become easy. It’s become normal.

It keeps us focused on the same negatives, makes us addicted to the idea that we’re striving…for something.

And hey, everyone else does it.

Most people will commiserate or negate what you’re saying – but the harsh words keep coming back. We’ve created a normal where that’s how we bond.

That’s how we connect.

Over our problems.

Over our limits.

Screw that. And screw blind optimism.

You need proactive resources, not reactive reflections.

WANT redefines what it means to want your body, your love, your work, your world…

…and what it means to want your SELF.

What We Do:

WANT focuses on shifting your internal narrative by fully embracing the SELF part of self-talk. The work of shifting your self-talk – which is really the work of finding, being, and staying your Self – isn’t just about changing your life, in the long run. It’s about changing life. Period.

We believe that shifting your self-talk is about facing your shame, guilt, doubt, fear, frustration, and blind spots head-on and being proactive, not reactive. WANT believes in using critical thinking skills to listen, learn, and act even (especially!) when the stakes are high and you might screw up. Because as Maya Angelou said, when you know better, you do better…but if you aren’t putting yourself in a position to know better, you will never, ever do better.

We believe that shifting your self-talk is about finding, using, and owning your own voice whether people are watching or not, so that when you get feedback from the world, you’re able to grow, learn, and be better in a way that’s sustainable.

Society would love for you to keep telling yourself the story of your shame, your guilt, your self-doubt and your defeat. Society would love for you to stay silent and small. It would love to keep steering you far from who you are and discouraging your growth.

But we believe that the world needs your voice, and the world needs your growth. It all stems from the story you tell yourself, about your Self.

Will shifting your self-talk alone change the world? Of course not. But WANT believes we must treat it like the vital puzzle piece of change that it is. We must practice using our voice so that when the chance comes to make a change, we speak up and out instead of shying away. And because what we say on the outside is a direct reflection of what we say on the inside – we must practice diving in, digging deep, and changing our internal AND external world simultaneously.

Shifting your self-talk is an essential piece of fighting for the world you actually want to live in, for yourself and for others.

Confidence is not synonymous with vanity. Power is not synonymous with pettiness.

To be fearless is not to lack fear – it’s when the fear is less than the faith.

To WANT yourself isn’t about fighting against what you’re not – it’s about fighting for what you’ve always been meant to be.

So dive in.

Dig deep.

Move forward fearlessly.

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