Is WANT a blog? 
Short answer, no. WANT is a movement and initiative that currently consists of an editorial platform, a podcast, community events, and intimate workshops. A book and retreats are on their way. The articles on WANT are just one slice of the pie!

Is WANT a body-pos platform?
Yes and no. It’s “body-positive” in that it supports a positive relationship with your physical self, and fiercely champions the notion that “real” women are ALL women. But WANT focuses on holistically addressing negative self-talk – body, mind, relationships, workplace, world. Yes, many times negative self-talk will show up in the form of attacks on the body. What makes WANT different is that it hones in on ALL the ways and places it show up, and dives deep into the root causes of every single instance. It’s like learning a new language: in order to make it stick, you can’t just use it in specific instances. You need to practice it everywhere.


Are you (Katie) a life coach? 
Nope. Art and Meaning all the way. I’m a writer, an artist, and an activist – not a doctor, not a coach, and definitely not pretending to be a psychologist of any sort. Everything I write and speak about all come from a chain of personal experiences, hundreds of case studies, hard-core listening, and tons of research. I’m human and I am flawed, just like you. I don’t believe in solving your problems for you – just encouraging you to move forward fearlessly on your own path and be your own biggest role model. It’s not my job to decide what resonates with you and what doesn’t, so I put it all out there for you to pick and choose and leave the rest. That being said, I do work with creatives struggling with their negative self-talk on a case-by-case basis, so feel free to get in touch here.

My resume is a mod-podged canvas of varied artistry, plastered with the common thread of using my own unique voice to help you find yours. I’ve been a founding editor of a major online magazine. I’ve acted in big-time films and sung on off-Broadway stages. I’ve also cleaned dirty yoga mats, picked up other people’s dry cleaning, and spent hours in a cubicle on hold with insurance carriers so others didn’t have to be. I’ve held strangers while they’ve cried and cheered on good friends while they’ve soared. And I’ve learned the high-highs and low-lows never look like you had planned. I believe there is no better school than the world around us – it’s just up to us to seek out the lesson plan.

How can I get you to come speak at my school/workplace/event?
Easy peasy! Simply fill out the contact form here and someone will get back to you shortly.

I really love WANT and would love to get involved. How can I make this happen?
Right now, the easiest ways to get involved are to use the hashtag #WANTyourself or #womenagainstnegativetalk on social media, and to share WANT articles to spread the (good) word! But if you’d like to get involved beyond that, attend a WANT event (or email me about being an event host!) in your area. The requests to take WANT out into the world have been overwhelming, so hang tight – I’m working on something big to get everyone involved no matter where you live.

Are you hiring?
Not currently. Keep checking back, and be sure to sign up for WANT emails and follow along on social to be sure you’re in the know.

How can my brand/client/publication work with you?
For all media and partnership inquiries, please visit this page.

Can you come speak at my workplace/in this conference/on this panel/at my organization?
Heck yeah! Email me via this form and let’s make it happen.


Where are you based?
I’m a Los Angeles native who is currently based in NYC. I travel back to LA quite often, so I like to think I’m just shy of bicoastal… #almostlivinthedream?

Is WANT your only gig? How do you make money?
It’s my main one, but I love so many things and feel blessed to be able to do them for a living as well. I’ve been teaching indoor cycling classes since 2007 and currently am a trainer on Aaptiv, the #1 audio fitness app, and teach live classes at Equinox in NYC. I also freelance for various publications, and still dabble in acting when a cool opportunity presents itself. I earn money through speaking engagements, creative consulting, branded collaborations, and teaching classes (and believe money should not be a taboo or mysterious topic).

How old are you?
My birthday is September, 28th, 1986. 10:43am. Libra with a Scorpio Rising and Moon in Leo. Open to any astrological insight ya got…

What’s your favorite color?
Depends on the object. Just no neons or pastels, please. I prefer dark and brooding.

What are your favorite movies?
Inception, Vanilla Sky, Airplane, 13 Going On 30. Lightness and depth. Sums me up quite nicely.

What’s your personality type?
I love you for asking! I’m an INFJ. I get mistaken for an extrovert a lot, so I’ve learned to not just embrace my introvert-ness, but casually let people know that about me right off the bat. Years of compromising my sense of self in order to be liked/accepted by others will do that to you. I’m also an HSP – Highly Sensitive Person – and enneagram 4 wing 3, if you’re into all that stuff.

What’s your dream?
To be a visionary leader in the self-empowerment movement for this new generation of female leaders-in-the-making. I’m open as to how that manifests itself.

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