We’re SO THRILLED you want to contribute to WANT! Here’s everything you need to know:


WANT: Women Against Negative Talk is a platform and movement by Katie Horwitch that helps women move forward fearlessly in life by providing them with tips, tools, insight, and inspiration to shift around their negative self-talk patterns.

WANT was born out of the realization that there were zero places for women to not only receive motivation and empowerment, but actual tools and resources to change their limiting negative talk patterns in a lasting way that works very personally and specifically for them.

Through unique + specific articles, raw + relatable essays, in-depth interviews, and The WANTcast: The Women Against Negative Talk Podcast, WANT is that pragmatically positive tool kit, that courageously human hub, that missing piece we’ve so needed to make magic happen on our own terms.


From poets and activists to wellness gurus and startup mavens, our featured guests + contributors are carefully and meticulously selected based on one common ground: they have all moved forward fearlessly through SOMETHING in their lives. Whether they can shed light on a current event or impart a lesson learned from a tough time, each guest must be able to speak to their “journey” in a real, raw, and fiercely relatable way. Even more importantly, they must be positive-minded and proactive in their thinking.

We are not interested in stewing over problems or bonding over negativity on WANT, and while “DON’T” thisses and “F” thats might resonate with some people, we know lasting change happens when you fight for things, not against them. A WANT Woman (or, in some cases, WANT Man) is proof that it’s not about what life hands you – it’s about what you do with it.


• Specific, specific, specific. Our most successful content utilizes descriptive storytelling and makes the personal universal without skipping steps. Storytelling and emotion are royalty. Strong, compelling writing is a must.

• Content with tangible takeaways that the reader can apply to her life and feel both challenged and empowered.

• Tips and lists to solve/address a very SPECIFIC problem, situation, or need (ex: How To Set Boundaries With Family Members During The Holidays, How To Make Friends As An Adult)

• Vulnerable, deep, sincere, and highly personal essays about overcoming adversity or experiencing something through a unique lense.

• Lists IF they have a highly unique slant, ie 33 Ways To Mindfully Pay Off Your Debt, How To Relieve Stress Based on Your Ayurvedic Dosha. Any list or how-to must almost always be based in personal experience and use the writer as the primary example (unless previously discussed and agreed upon with the WANT editorial team).

(see home page for “most popular posts”)



• Short, bite-sized content that’s more focused on readability than relatability – if it could fit in an average-sized Instagram post, it’s probably too short. THAT BEING SAID, there is no specific word count minimum or maximum.

• Generalized self-talk or body-positive content. We firmly prescribe to the school of thought that “if you’re good for everyone, you’re great for no one.” Make your voice shine and topics personal.

* Mantra/affirmation-heavy content. Our community already consumes a lot of “self-help” type content and is immune to the typical tips and tricks. What makes your methods stand out? Let us know, either directly or indirectly (however, indirectly works best ;))

• Most lists ie 7 Ways To, You Know If You’re X When…,

• Marketing pieces that are a part of your website/product/service/brand launch

**Important note: If you have something that you think the WANT community would love, you are MORE than welcome to submit even if it doesn’t quite line up with what’s detailed above. Our priority is works from the soul that you feel belongs on WANT in particular – not just content that could fit anywhere that’s meant primarily to promote yourself or your business.**


Does my content need to be brand-new?
Nope – it can be a piece you published on your own blog or was published on another publication.
All we ask is that whatever you submit is in line with any prior contributor guidelines you agreed upon. (ie if you submitted something to another site and they said that they now own the content…don’t send it here.)

Is this paid?
At this time, we’re unable to pay our contributors, but this is something we’re definitely working on soon! It’s because of this that we accept content you’ve already written – while we’d LOVE something that’s WANT-specific, we also realize the time and effort writing anything of substance takes. We can guarantee sharing on all our social channels and in our monthly newsletter, The (Good) Word.

Do you own my content once I give it to you?
Heck no! Your content is yours.

Can I submit more than one piece of writing?

If I submit will I definitely be published?
No. We appreciate you and your writing and want the best for you – however, in order to keep our brand voice consistent while expanding our contributor roster, we need to be selective.

How long will it take to hear back from someone?
Please allow 2-4 weeks for us to review your submission. We can’t guarantee a response to EVERY submission and will reach out if we see a fit!

Will you be editing my posts?

Yes and no. We expect your submission to be publish-ready (and will not be accepting first drafts or half-written pieces). We’ll run your posts by our editorial team – and for the most part, we scan for typos, grammar, and punctuation. Our priority is the reader experience, so if we feel a slightly heavier handed edit (while still staying true to your words and voice) is needed due to redundancy, we’ll make the changes and let you know so you can review it, time permitting.

What happens after I’m published?
Engage with our peeps, and YOUR peeps! We’re in the age of Social Media, so we encourage all our contributors to share on their various channels – Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc – via email, via newsletters, or any other place that feels right to you. Our community LOVES personal connection, and we love seeing when authors engage with our community in the comments section and on social media. We’ll be posting on all our channels, so keep your eyes peeled and definitely chime into the conversation!

If I am published once, does that mean I’ll be published again?
We accept submissions on a piece-by-piece basis – and while there is no guarantee, you’re more than welcome to submit again after you’ve been published!

This is a lot. Tell me something encouraging.
Yeah. We know it’s a lot. We get it. However, in our experience, it’s better to have way MORE information than to be left guessing, so that you can make the best choices for you and your writing. No matter who you are, you have something incredible and important to share and to say. We believe in you tremendously. We want to share as many diverse voices and experiences as possible – and if you follow the guidelines above, we can almost guarantee you’ll end up with a stellar piece of writing.

So whether you’re published on WANT or not, whether you hear back from us or not, PLEASE keep writing and PLEASE keep spreading the (good) word in the world. WANT is one corner of the internet-universe and while everything won’t be a perfect fit for US, that doesn’t meant it’s not a perfect fit somewhere else. 

There’s legal jargon. I know there’s legal jargon…right?

Yes :) Should your piece of writing work for WANT, we’ll send you a super-simple contributor contract, basically saying things like we do not own your content, we’re not responsible for any negative or unwanted impact of your content, that any claims or research that’s noted within the article is on you (so please please please be accurate with your statements)…normal contract stuff.


Read the guidelines, understand everything, and this all sounds up your alley? Awesome!
Email your submission in a Word Document with the subject line Contributor Submission to
and we’ll get the ball rolling. Can’t wait to spread the (good) word with you!

Katie and Team WANT

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