My passion is to use my voice to help you find yours. I live and breathe authentic connection, and truly believe there is no idea that can’t come to life with a little structure and a lot of heart. Anyone can build a brand – but I’m interested in doing it in a way that highlights your unique hero and keeps positivity at the forefront (because let’s be real, it’s all too easy to rely on a rant as a placeholder for meaning). I specialize in building the backbone of these ideas so that no matter how the look of your brand evolves over time (and it will evolve over time), the feel, mission, vision, and heart stay as strong as ever.

Ways We Can Work Some Magic:

• Brand strategy

• Mastering your mission and vision statement
• Goal coaching

• Content creation (copy for websites, blogs, collateral)
• Copy editing

• Social media management + strategy
• Product development and advisory

What’s The Scoop: 

In my past life, I was on the founding team of one of the biggest (and first!) wellness lifestyle magazines on the interwebs. I’ve worked with everyone from juice companies to jewelry brands to write brand outlines, devise product manuals, imagine ambassador programs, find their voice, and generally add mucho life and personality to ideas so they resonate. For more about me, click over here.

How Much Is This Gonna Cost Me?

Welp, that depends. But I will say this: I prescribe to the model of teaching a (wo)man to fish instead of getting her pre-grilled steelhead salmon at Whole Foods. I want to empower you to take your ideas from vision to action to (this is the kicker) alive and thriving – so that ultimately, you’ve got the confidence and backbone to carry you wherever your brand may lead. What this means for your budget? It’s about doing the work you specifically need, no more and no less.

So, Let’s Get Down To Business:

Any of these sound like something you and your brand or biz could use? Or do you have an idea of what you want to create in the world, but aren’t quite sure how to let it live? Connect with me here and we’ll chat about possibilities.
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