128: Harnessing Your Ability To Change with Nicole Sciacca

128: Harnessing Your Ability To Change with Nicole Sciacca

This is an extra special episode, because it’s a conversation with one of the most extra-special people in my life: mobility expert, personal trainer, yoga teacher, dancer, and one of my dearest friends in the universe, Nicole Sciacca.

Nicole is a WEALTH of information on any and all things having to do with how your body moves – and prides herself on nurturing her client’s sense of self while optimizing their performance, potential, and personal recovery. She’s also a rockstar mother, a former fitness studio owner, a meditation teacher (and devotee), a trainer to A-list celebrities, an eternal optimist, and basically the most loyal friend you’ll ever have.

In this episode we talk about Nicole’s philosophy on doing and being many things in your lifetime (and what that can actually look like), the phrase that helped her navigate the darkest moments of her personal and professional life, how an unexpected instance involving one of her most famous clients led her to instant Instagram celebrity status literally overnight (and how she navigated that), how to rethink movement as your body ages, and WAY more.

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