WANTcast Episode 106: How To Get Yourself Off The Sidelines (Via Your Self Talk)

WANTcast Episode 106: How To Get Yourself Off The Sidelines (Via Your Self Talk)

How does your self-talk hold you back from taking action in your life? How does that affect the world around you? In this episode, we talk about why shifting your self-talk is about way more than self-help, why it isn’t just about changing your OWN life, and how to get yourself off of the sidelines and ‘into the arena.’


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Venn Diagram via @therapyforwomen
Daring Greatly

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This episode is in support of Reclamation Ventures, a family of brands reclaiming our right to be well. They create conversations, invest in the best talent, and support innovative programs to transform wellness – for all of us. They believe “that when we elevate the capacity of diverse wellness leaders to thrive, we can start to close the wellness gap and increase health equities in communities that need it most.” To get involved, click here.

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