The Women Against Negative Talk Broadcast: Introducing The WANTcast LIVE!

The Women Against Negative Talk Broadcast: Introducing The WANTcast LIVE!

You asked, I delivered! WANT is officially in vid form.

The best part? YOU get to shape what this becomes.ย 

Q+A? Personal stories? In-person interviews? Just some random tidbits and musings? Please comment below and tell me what you wanna see – I’m here for you, 100%.

And if you’re a YouTube kinda person, be sure you subscribe here for new episodesย at your fingertips.
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I have to be honest with you, this unintentionally dweeby video (therefore starting up this series) was the hardest thing for me to do. I think the idea of coming up with useful content each week or two overwhelmed me. I thought – there are so many great YouTubers out there. What do I have to add to the mix?

But I’m trying this new thing. Not letting my fear get in the way. Not letting it leave me behind on my own journey. Not letting me hold back what someone else might need.
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And here we are.

Without further ado, please enjoy this intro, the very first installment of the WANTcast: The Women Against Negative Talk Broadcast…in which I’m now realizing I come across as an overly caffeinated muppet. But I also think that’s just me.ย Not a put down, I kinda like that about myself :)

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